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As the demands for cars increased, the number of garages being built has also followed suit. This is because someone needs to have a place to park their car in without cluttering streets, getting them stolen or having some damages. This also began from the fact that without the roofs or the technology that makes our modern cars more impervious to weather conditions such as heat, cold, rain and snow.

At first, garages were nothing more than converted storage houses wherein one can at least get a roof over their car, never mind the unpleasant smells that it may come with. Some may have had stables that were big enough to fit a car beside their horses and everything else that a stable may be known to contain. To the people of that era, cars were nothing more than a machine, a way for them to be transported from one place to another.

Nowadays, cars are very important and are highly regarded among people who need and actually use them. This also means that the garages have been remodelled and redesigned throughout the ages to accommodate growing needs and changing viewpoints in regard to these vehicles. Garages are now more sophisticated, well-protected and are essentially connected to the house.

No matter how difficult, it is important for us to secure our garages because not only do they contain our valuable cars, it often provides an entry point to our house too. Years after its humble beginning, the garage is now an important part of our daily life.

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