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What Do You Need To Know About Garage Door

Garage doors are very useful to us as they keep our cars and family safe from intruders outside. Our garage door is also one of the most used thing in our house. Because of that, they can be worn out immediately, and sometimes expires or would suddenly stopped working afterwards. When they do, we should first check if there can be a problem on  their operation before coming to a conclusion that they need to be replaced immediately. Below are few basic troubleshooting you can try once your garage door stops working.

When your opener won't open or close your garage door, check its motor if it is plugged in or if there is an electricity failure in the entire house. If it is plugged correctly and there is an  electricity, check your circuit breaker. The motor should be working if all is well, but if it still not, it s better to call a garage door technician as there could be a problem with the motor.

In times when your garage door won’t close all the way, or the door reverses after or before hitting the floor, check your limit switch. The close limit switch as well as the close force may require an adjustment to have the doors working as they should be. Adjusting the limits should be easy, or you can refer to your user’s manual that comes with the garage door packaging. But if you are still uncomfortable in doing that by yourself, you can always call for a professional help.

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