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What Do You Need To Know About Garage Door

Have you ever thought or having a fiberglass garage door? Though woods, steels and aluminum are common garage doors, fiberglass can also be used as one. Like the other materials used, fiberglass also offers variety of advantages and few disadvantages. That is why it also one of the most recommended materials in building a garage door.

One and the main advantage of having a fiberglass door that other materials doesn’t have is its superior insulation. Compared to other materials such as wood, steel and aluminum, fiberglass offers the best insulation of them all. That means that among the others, fiberglass is the most energy efficient. You will only use less power to keep your garage door in a very suitable temperature. Fiberglass are also flexible, which resist warping and cracking overtime.
Another advantage of fiberglass garage door is its durability. It has greater resistance to dents and rusts compare to steel and aluminum. Fiberglass also resist salt air corrosion than woods, that is why they are ideal if you live near the ocean or beaches or other coastal locations.

Maintenance is not also a problem with fiberglass garage doors. you can easily clean them up using water and sponge or pressure water hose.

Some of the disadvantages of fiberglass garage door is they deteriorate easily if they are exposed to extremely cold temperatures over a long period of time. And because they are lightweight,  they cannot stand strong and heavy winds. And as they age, their vulnerability rises, that is why they need more maintenance as they gets older.

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