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Over the past years, a growing number of children are killed or injured seriously because of automatic garage door openers. Because of that, a law has passed that requires all of the residential automatic garage doors must have an automatic reverse safety devices with them. However, there is still a possibility that the automatic reverse safety device could fail in some time, that is why an amendment was made to have all automatic garage door openers be equipped with a garage door edge sensor. The sensor, when activated, will cause a closing door to reverse open and will prevent the door from closing unless the sensors will be deactivated. It has been also a requirement for manufacturers and sellers to inform the buyer and their clients if the door that would like to purchase complies with this rules and laws.

However, having an eye sensor in your garage door is not enough if you do not maintain and calibrate it regularly. Because of frequent usage, sensors may misalign or gets dirty. You must maintain a regular check up with them to make sure that they are always in their best working condition. You must also check their wirings to make sure that they are not worn out or chewed by pets, pests or insects. If that is the case, you must take safety precautions before fixing it. Sensors also uses electricity that is why you must have knowledge and skills in dealing with electricity before attempting to do it yourself. If you don’t, you can always ask the help of professionals. Call a professional garage door services provider now.

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