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What Do You Need To Know About Garage Door

A garage door panel basically the biggest moving object in your home. Because of its size, it can pose danger and injuries, that is why you must know how to take care and and keep it hazard free, from you and your family especially with the little kids.

One important component of an automatic garage door is the photo-eye sensors. Though may seem so small and doesn’t give much impact on the garage door performance, your photo-eye sensor can save lives and prevent serious injuries on your pets and even your loved ones. Photo-eye sensors are two sensors placed on both sides of your garage door pane, usually about six inches from the ground. When you try to close your garage door, one of them will send a signal that will directly point into the receiver of the other piece. Unless that “connection” breaks, the door will completely close. But if there is something or someone blocking that direction, the door will reverse open. You won’t be able to close with without clearing the block. Isn’t that very useful? If you have someone or something under your garage door, the sensor will prevent the door from falling into them. This will definitely save your pet and your family from danger that a garage door can impose.

But in as much as benefit it can give us, if they are not maintained properly, will just be useless. That is why it is recommended to perform regular inspection and maintenance. If you are unsure how to do that, you can call a professional garage door service provider to help you.

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