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What Do You Need To Know About Garage Door

Having a car stored within a strong garage door is not enough as it can be opened manually by intruders. One way of upgrading its security is a must. You can achieve this by making it installed with high quality garage door opener. Do you know about this device? Garage door opener is a mechanism within the garage area which controls the operation of its door. It can be in the form of a remote control or a wall keypad which is attached next to the garage door. It may depend on your preference, a remote controlled opener can be accessed from a certain distance using a remote. On the other hand wall keypad opener request for a password in order to open. If you always go home late at night the remote operated garage door opener is the best for you. Garage door opener has different type of drives to choose from. Here are some details about them:

  • Jackshaft Opener - is situated on the wall at the side of the garage door, making the ceiling space free. If your garage area doesn't have a headroom, this is the perfect choice for you.
  • Belt-drive Opener - it has high quality assured performance and it does not produce irritating sound when operated. It is best suggested to homes with a living area above the garage area.
  • Screw Drive Opener - it is specifically created to work smooth and quiet. It only have few moving parts that's why a low maintenance and repair is required.
  • Chain Drive Opener -  it is not usually purchased and is an inexpensive option. It is not quiet compare to other drive openers but it is necessary to house without living space close to the garage area.

Carefully pick the one you think can give you a proper operation with your garage door without creating squeaky sound. But no matter what drive it is as long as you have an opener, you can keep on protecting your car.

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