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Technically, installing a garage door opener is less hazardous than it would be to install a garage door itself. You have to follow the user’s manual very, very carefully to avoid accidents. You have to make sure that nobody could get hurt and nothing will be damaged when you test out the new opener. This also extends to when you are actually using the opener regularly.

Place a reinforcement bracket is also important when it comes to keeping your garage door safe once an opener is installed. Also check the balance of your garage door opener regularly. The sensitivity of your door should also be checked not only to avoid crushing people or things but also for the door not to close even without something obstructing it.

Also, you should care for your photo eyes, which act as your opener’s safety sensor. They have to be kept in proper working order for you to make sure that they will run smoothly and will not randomly refuse to close or get stuck because they perceive that something is blocking your door. Trying out a rolling code to reset the remote control code after using it can also provide you with extra security.

Making sure that your garage door opener runs properly is not your only priority as a homeowner after all. You have to make sure that everyone and everything will be secured from thieves and will not be put to harm because of your openers. Avoiding accidents is better than dealing with one.

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