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What Do You Need To Know About Garage Door

In securing a vehicle, having a garage door is not enough it must be well maintained and kept in good condition all the time. Since it is one of the large moving objects in your home, it is difficult to up keep it properly. As a homeowner, there are many tips you can conduct in order to keep it functioning smoothly. These tips can also help you check all the moving parts so you’ll know if they need to be repaired or not. Garage door maintenance is necessary to be done for at least every three times yearly. Therefore, you need to allot some time in maintaining your garage door, if you don’t want to have serious garage door problems in the future. 

Garage Door Maintenance Tips:

1. Lubricating the garage door parts properly to stop the squeaky sound. Note: It is not advisable to use a WD 40 lubricant to cease a noisy garage door parts instead use a silicone spray.
2. Cleaning the garage door track. It is not proper to spray lubricant to the track when the garage door is noisy or get stuck. The lubricant may soon harden and will complicate the function of the door.
3. Set up weather seals. This can help the homeowner save energy because it can prevent the moisture from getting inside. 
4. Arranging the alignment of the garage door sensor. If these sensor malfunction, maybe they are out of the line.
5. Resetting the garage door opener. This must be done when the door stops function in the middle of the operation or when it reverses back without any obstruction on its way.

If you are unable to do those because you are a busy homeowner, you may ask for the assistance of professional. Make sure you will hire a licensed and insured workman so he is liable for the cause of damages.

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