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What Do You Need To Know About Garage Door

We all know for a fact that garage doors are quite expensive. That is why we always do our best in maintaining them, not just to make sure that they are in the best condition in keeping us safe, but to have them last longer too. 

Here are the simple things you can do for your regular garage door maintenance.

1. Check all the moving components of your garage door. Inspect if there are missing or broken parts and replace them immediately. A missing small part can cause bigger problems in the future if neglected. 

2. Perform regular lubrication of rollers, railings and tracks, hinges and the latches, pulleys and door chains and springs. Only use a recommended lubricant. Consult your manual for information on what are the recommended lubricant for your door. Make sure that you do not put too much lubricant as it can attract dust buildup that could jam the tracks. If you see some rust that is building up, wipe it with recommended oil to prevent it from spreading. 

3. Check the weatherstripping on your door panels. Make sure that they are not yet worn out and aligned properly to avoid jams. Check the bottom of your door for weatherstripping and seals. Make sure that the bottom is properly sealed or painted to keep away the dust from your panels.

4. If you have a wood garage door, apply some wax or furniture cleaning agents to keep dust particles and moisture away. This can corrode your wood garage door so make sure that you seal the ends so there will be no dust and moisture that could penetrate your door. 

There are some parts of the garage door that requires professional care. Never attempt to do a do it yourself on them as they can cause serious injuries or damage to properties. Tension springs, tension rollers,  and door panels are just few of them. If you need to replace them, call your local garage door services provider. They can surely help you with that.

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