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One of the most essential part of a garage door is the garage door opener. A garage door would just be a wall without this mechanism. In addition, an automatic garage door opener also simplifies life by automatically operating the garage door using single button, eliminating the manual work of opening and closing our door panels. And because they only work using a remote, it would be hard for outsiders to intrude our home if they cannot open our garage door. 

Though it is guaranteed that our garage door opener could last for couple of years or even longer, there are times that we need to prematurely replace them and have a new model installed in our garage.Since 1993, a federal law required garage door manufacturers to add a safety reversing mechanism to all new garage doors. This safety reversing mechanism could prevent serious injuries and even death caused by a closing garage door. This mechanism utilizes two sensors to be placed on both sides of the door, about six inches from  the floor. When any object, your kids, or even your pet  blocks the beam from the sensors while the garage door closes, the reversing mechanism will halt the door, and reverses to open. 

If your garage door does not have this very useful feature, it is now the right time to replace your garage door opener. Make sure that you must comply with the standards as this will surely save you money, time, and even save the lives of your family and pets. To get a new garage door opener and have it installed, call your local garage door services provider now.

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