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What Do You Need To Know About Garage Door

Though garage door certainly needs regular physical checkup to make sure that worn out parts can be replaced immediately, your garage door should also be tested at least once a month, and regularly to make sure that it is still in great and safe working condition.

In January 1, 1993, a federal law requires garage door manufacturers to have an advanced safety features added to the garage door openers. They must comply with the latest Underwriters Laboratories 325 standards. This safety feature includes the auto-reverse of the garage door. 

To test the garage door safety reverse feature, you must first test the balance of your door. To do that, start with your garage door closed and use the release mechanism so you can operate it by hand. Try to manually lift the door, open it halfway, about three or four feet above the ground. Release your grip to the door and check if it stay open as it should be. If it does not and closes or opens immediately, then it needs and adjustment.

If your door is balanced, you can proceed with the test. While your garage door is open, place a piece of wood, or anything that can serve as obstruction, on the floor directly under the garage door. Close the door using your remote or the wall control. When the door hits the obstruction that you have placed, the door must stop and reverse open. If it did not, that means that there is a problem with your door.

If the result of your balance or test is a negative, it is recommended that you immediately ask for professional help. Contact a qualified garage door technician in your area so they can fix the problem that you have. The faster that you call them, the soonest your door will be fixed.

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