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There are several and important parts of a garage doors. One of them is the springs. If your garage door’s are not properly maintained, can get easily worn out and break that could cause garage door malfunction, or worse, serious injuries to your household.

Checking and calibrating your garage door springs are simple task as long as you will not tamper or try to adjust them manually. Checking includes visual checking to determine if they need to be lubricated or if they are chipped and damaged. Calibrating is when you check if your springs still have the proper tension. To check, lift the garage door panel halfway. The springs are tight when the door goes open all the way, and  they are loose if it closes  or shuts down. You should also check for noise that your springs produce. If they are too noisy, it is possible that they are damaged and needs to be replaced. For minor creaking sound, try lubricating them instead.

Your garage door’s springs have tensions that it is difficult to replace them if you do not have the knowledge and proper tools to use.  Do it yourself is not advisable as it can caused more trouble and serious injury if not properly installed. If your springs needs to be replaced, call for a professional assistance immediately. Garage door technicians and skilled and well equipped to handle this kind of problem.

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