Garage Glossary A-E


Adjustable timer to close (0 to 90 minutes)

Easy to program, this timer allows the door to close after a designated time period. It is necessary to include a photoelectric sensing device with this control

AirBarrier System

Garaga door systems have the lowest average air infiltration ratings in the industry.

Anchoring plate

This “L”-shaped bracket makes the connection between track and wall. Garaga welds this bracket to the track so it won’t require adjustment.

Arch Garage Door Windows

This garage door window model (40 X 13 in. - 1016 X 330 mm) is only available with the “Eastman Estate” garage door model. Classical and elegant, our Arch models are much more convenient than the external grid type. The grids on model shown are placed between the two glass panes. The aluminum grids are assembled with a mechanical joint that allows them to resist shocks.



A steel structure in the shape of an L, one arm of which is fixed to a vertical surface and the other supports a rail.


Chain hoist

Adds mechanical advantage to manually operated door. Couples to one end of the solid torsion shaft. A 1:1 direct drive unit is preferred for standard lift; for small size doors and a reduced drive unit 3:1 should be specified on larger doors.


The amount of side room, head and back room required to properly install a sectional door.

Coaxial Radio Receiver

Must insure that doors working with the same transmitters are clearly indicated in specifications.

ColdStop System

Our garage door system offers the best insulation in the market. It conserves energy and saves money by way of numerous thermal breaks. This ensures chill-free winters and cool summers in both garage and home. When shopping for a garage door be sure to insist on all the ColdStop features you get with a Garaga garage door system. You will feel the difference.

Commercial door

A sectional overhead type door which is intended for vehicular use at entrances of commercial buildings such as loading docks and service stations, normally operated less than 5,000 cycles annually.

Continuous angle on vertical tracks

12 ga. steel angle welded on the whole length of the vertical track providing for solid fastening to the wall. There is also the possibility to fasten the tracks to the wall with flag brackets (4 in. high). The larger the size and the higher the use frequency, the more reason to fasten the tracks with continuous angle.

C-shape bumper

“C” shape spring blade installed on the end of the vertical tracks for dock doors with full vertical or high lift movement and manually operated (pull chain or rope).


Decorative hardware

Decorative accessories that set your door apart and add a touch of class to it.

Door movement

There are 4 basic types of movement: standard lift, high lift, full vertical lift and low headroom. The room available between the top of the door and the ceiling (or first obstruction) determines the type of door movement to use.

Door opener

A motorized device for opening and closing a garage door.

Double door

Commonly used to refer to larger width doors usually on multi-car garages.


Garaga’s ultra-robust residential hardware system, comparable in strength to light commercial components, ensures your door operates at maximum efficiency, doubling the lifespan of your garage door.


Electric Chain Hoist Operator

Similar to a “Jack Shaft” type operator but with an auxiliary emergency chain hoist in case of a power failure. .

Electric operators

See door opener.


Garaga’s outstanding energy conservation leaves the others out in the cold. Our garage door system offers the best energy efficient solution on the market with superior insulation and numerous thermal breaks. You will feel the difference.

Extension springs

Counterbalanced springs which provide lifting power by stretching. Also called stretch springs. Extension springs are mounted to the rear track hangers on each side of the garage. They are attached to a pulley at the other end of the spring.

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