Garage Glossary G-L



Zinc coating to protect steel against corrosion.

Garaga Experts

Garage door professionals who meet our strict criteria for knowledge, experience, and reputation. When choosing a garage door, you deserve the utmost in professionalism.


Unit of measure to evaluation the thickness of sheet metal. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the steel.



Space between the opening height of the door and the garage ceiling.


To make the independent sections act as a complete door, the sections must be hinged together. Hinges are found on the end stiles and center stiles at the meeting rails. All hinges perform 2 basic functions: 1) with bolts or screws, they join the sections together, and 2) they allow the sections to “break”, independent of each other, as the door travels.


Industrial door

A sectional overhead-type door which is intended for vehicular use at entrances of parking garages, factories and manufacturing plants, normally operated in excess of 5,000 cycles per year.

Inside lock

Spring loaded, sliding deadbolt lock operable only from interior of the door.


Material having the ability to reduce heat or cold transmission. Two popular types are foamed-in-place “polyurethane” and rigid panel “polystyrene”. Sectional steel doors are available with various types of insulation.


Triple contact interlocking joints that block cold air and create thermal breaks between metal door skins to prevent cold or heat transfer. Garaga’s InterlockTM joints stop heat transfer 35% better than the average of its competitors and outperform the competition by a factor of 50 on wind transfer between door sections.

Interlocking joints

See Interlock

ISO-9001 :2008

The Certification ISO 9001 :2008 is a norm acquired by Garaga that meets high quality product norms and criteria satisfying customer demand. It also raises the bar to improve customer satisfaction.


Jackshaft operator

Electric operator which mounts on the wall or ceiling and directly drives the torsion spring shaft. For use only on high lift clearance or vertical lift doors.


LaserCraft Technology

Our unique LaserCraft high precision manufacturing process uses cutting-edge digital technology to ensure an extremely tight fit between the overlays.

LongLife Components

LongLife Components are your garage door system’s backbone. Heavy duty corrosion-resistant steel and aluminium and Dura+ hardware make it the longest-lasting garage door system on the market.

Loop detector

This system is installed at about 6 feet from the door on the inside of the building (concrete slab) or on the outside (asphalt). Metallic objects traveling over the loop detector affect the magnetic field of the loop. The detector senses this change and gives a signal to open or close the door. Must be installed by a qualified electrician.

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