Garage Glossary M-R



An enterprise that manufactures something. There are two distinctive manufacturers; Garaga is a garage door manufacturer and LiftMaster is a door opener manufacturer.

Metal skin

Surface of the metal. Garaga offers a commercial spec metal skin: 5 coats of rust protection with the same steel quality inside and outside.


Operation cycle

One complete cycle of a door begins with the door in the closed position. The door is then moved to the open position and back to the closed position again. The number of cycles is a unit of measurement for the longevity of the mechanical spring component of the door. The springs generally offered on the market have a service life of 10,000 cycles representing more than 13 years of operation at 2 openings per day. The Dura+ springs in the Garaga garage door hardware offer twice the longevity.


Decorative PVC moulding permanently fused to the door surface in the factory



Rigid door sections injected with high density pressure-injected polyurethane and having wood end blocks. Standard door height is usually composed of 4 or 5 panels.

PermaFix Fusion Process

Our PermaFix process literally fuses the trim pieces with the steel panels and ensures their optimum adhesion to the doors.

Photo-electric sensor

Placed next to the door tracks, this infra-red system reverses the door on the way down when the light beam becomes obstructed.

Pneumatic Sensing Edge Kit

An air hose installed in the bottom weather stripping part of the door. It will cause the door to reverse when it meets an obstruction while closing. Very sensitive, it is activated by light contact with the hose. Connected to a take-up reel (for doors 12’ or higher) or to a coil cord installed next to the door.


Thermoplastic resins which are hard and durable and are used to make Garaga’s window frames.

Polyurethane foam

Injected into all Garaga door panels, ensuring a high thermal-resistance rating and solidness and offers twice the compression resistance of polystyrene.

Power Unit

A complete torsion spring assembly consisting of springs, shaft, winding and dead-end cones, drums and cables.

Precision bearings

End bearing plates supporting the weight of the door and spring system. Strongly recommended for doors weighing 650 lbs (295 kg) and more or for high cycle doors. Football type center bearing plates are also required.

Properly balanced door

It is important to remember that a residential, commercial or industrial type door must always be properly balanced. Its dead weight should be between 10 and 20 lbs. (5 and 10 kg). If the door feels heavier than that, the source of the problem must be identified and corrected (ex.: springs that have lost their effectiveness). A properly balanced door can be stopped at any position.

Properly balanced door with operator

The horse power of a given electric operator is not an extremely important selection criteria. The balanced weight of a commercial or industrial garage door will vary between 10 to 20 lbs. (5 to 10 kg) regardless of its size. It is important that the owner of the building be aware that the counter balance system (torsion springs) must be checked every 3 months in order to insure that nothing hampers the operation of the system.

Protection posts

Steel pipes filled with concrete, 54 in.(1.4 m) high (above ground), painted in bright colours, installed to protect the hardware system from impact (ex.: lift trucks). Other types of protective devices are also available : « Z » style fender guards, 3/16” thick steel (4.7 mm) welded to the tracks and bolted to the wall or “L” type track guards (3” x 3” x 60”), 1/4” thick steel (6.4 mm).

Pull chain

Spring equipped chain for manually operated garage doors (less than 100 sq.ft. (11 sq.m)), used to slow the opening/closing of the door.

Pusher Springs

Springs installed on the end of the horizontal tracks to keep the lift cables under tension and prevent them from coming off the drums when closing the door. Recommended for doors larger than 13’ x 13’ (4 x 4 m). Use only with standard lift movement particularly when a jack shaft operator is installed.

PVC weather-stripping

Thermoplastic resin used in all Garaga weather strips for better and long-lasting performances.


Qualified electrician

All electrical work (wiring, conduit and connections) must be done by a qualified electrician. The garage door specialist will install the electric opener and accessories making sure everything works well, but he cannot connect them to the building’s power supply.


Radio transmitter

Technology has made this accessory invaluable considering the number of codes available. It can be used for one or several doors. It is important to mention the number of doors that the transmitter must open. For condominiums, the number of transmitters that can be used is almost unlimited.


The horizontal members of the door’s framework. There is a top rail, a bottom rail and several meeting rails.

Reinforcement struts

2.25’’ or 3’’ steel channel (depending on the width of the door), 22 ga., used to support the door when it remains in the open position for a long period. Standard on doors 12’4” (3,76 m) wide and up. We strongly recommend attaching the struts to the door by screwing them to the hinge plates for solid attachment.

Residential door

A sectional overhead-type door which is intended for use in a residential garage, and normally operated less than 1,500 cycles per year.

RockSolid Construction

Built to withstand extreme Canadian weather and rough handling, this is the world’s most rugged garage door system.


Steel, ball-bearing wheels which allows sections to roll freely along door tracks.


Ability of a material to retard the transmission of heat. The higher “R” value, the better insulating performance. Note: Garaga doors are made of high-density pressure-injected polyurethane. Up to R-18 insulation. Twice the thermal resistance of polystyrene.

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