Garage Glossary S-W


Screw cover

Small caps to hide screw heads and enhance the door perimeter’s appearance.


A horizontal measurement from each side of the door opening, outward to the nearest obstruction within the garage.

Single door

Commonly refers to smaller width doors frequently seen on one-car garages.

Solid shaft

1’’ diameter solid steel rod (or 1.25’’ for large doors) that supports the torsion springs. This shaft is attached to the wall with bearing plates. When a chain hoist is used, it is attached to the steel shaft.

Steel end caps

16 ga. Steel caps installed on the end of the panels. Can be used with single or double hinges. Recommended for high cycle doors. Note that end caps create a thermal bridge between the exterior and interior surfaces.


Also called trusses, these are “U”-shaped metal reinforcement members, attached to the inside of the door to add strength and rigidity. Struts are necessary on wide, heavy doors to help prevent sagging and bowing in the horizontal position, and to provide additional reinforcement to comply with the required wind loading.


Tension bridges

Used on large doors (20 ft. or 6m wide). By using them to complement the reinforcement struts, tension bridges (bridge or cable) will support the door in high wind areas or if the door remains in the open position for more than 8 hours at a time.


PVC frame weatherstripping with exterior screw covers and double contact weatherseal. Significantly reduces air infiltration around the door.

Thermal break

A thermal break is an element of low thermal conductivity placed in an assembly to reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials. InterlockTM triple-contact interlocking joints create a thermal break to completely seal gaps, block cold air between door sections, and prevent cold or heat transfer. Wood end blocks are also the most effective thermal break of all.

Thermo-pane window

A thermo-pane window has two panes of glass separated by a trapped air space. The trapped air acts as an insulator, reducing heat loss through the glass.

Torsion springs

This spring system, while slightly more complex, performs the same counter-balancing function. Mounted above the door opening, the spring is manually wound, or charged, then installed on a shaft which runs through the spring. The spring actually turns the shaft which raises or lowers the door via the cables winding on drums. Torsion springs are generally smoother in operation, longer lasting and safer than extension springs when installed properly.


Garage door tracks usually consist of 4 pieces (2 vertical and 2 horizontal). The purpose of a track is to provide a roadway for the roller wheels. The vertical track is mounted to the jamb with brackets on each side of the door opening. The horizontal track is mounted to the top of the vertical track, the door jamb and the garage ceiling. The horizontal track contains a curved end called the radius. In the closed position, the door rests in the vertical track. In the open position, the door is suspended from the horizontal track.

Trolley operator

Electric operator which mounts above the door in the horizontal position and lifts the door by pulling the top section. Specifically designed for normal-headroom and low-headroom doors.


U-shaped bottom weather-stripping

A “U”-shaped vinyl or neoprene weatherstrip retained in an aluminum extrusion fastened to the bottom of the bottom section. This rubber stays flexible during cold periods and ensures that wind and rain cannot penetrate between the floor and door. It stays flexible and efficient even at -62°F (-52°C). For better efficiency, make sure to have a positive slope threshold to the outside of the door.


Vertical Lift

A hardware design that allows a sectional door to open vertically along the wall above the door opening. The door panels stay vertically aligned.



A narrow strip of material to cover the joint of a door or window to exclude the cold.

Wind Load

The amount of force that the wind exerts upon a door as it stands in an opening.


Used to see through a door or for decorative purposes.

Wood end block

The wood blocks are located at each end of the panel.The hinges and rollers are attached to wood end blocks with heavy duty lag screws adding stability and life to heavily used doors. Also, as in high end entry doors, it is the most effective thermal break of all.

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