Popular games on online casino (Part 1)

The online casinos offer many attractive gambling games to serve players. Not only is it a place for entertainment, many people also rely on it to make a lot of money.

However, many people still wonder what card the casino plays.

Below will be one of the most popular games today.


Baccarat cannot be missed by playing casino cards. This game has simple rules, easy to understand and easy to win. According to experts, newcomers to casino playing should learn to play Baccarat first. Know that any game has different odds of winning and losing. But for this game, the win rate is extremely high, possibly up to 70%. You can rely on this for entertainment, making money.

The rule of Baccarat is so simple. Specifically, when sitting at the table, each person will be dealt 3 cards with random value. Next, the rest of the players add up the points for these cards. Whoever has the highest total score wins. Conversely, if the total score is lower, it will lose.

You can play Baccarat online by phone and computer when coming to K8. As a result, it is more convenient, offers an enjoyable experience and can be participated anytime, anywhere.

Black Jack

Black Jack is also one of the cards in the casino attractive, popular with many people. Compared to Baccarat, this is also an easy form of playing cards. The rules of the two types of cards are similar to each other, based on the total points on the cards.

When you enter the table, you will be dealt 2 cards and have the right to draw additional cards or not. The maximum number of cards each person will have is 3 cards. The sum of the cards in hand, the closer the total score is to 21, the higher the chance of winning. Conversely, the farther the score is from 21, the more likely it is to lose the bet.